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Established in 1858, The Skinners name has built a reputation for first class service throughout Kent and Sussex. From the early days of Horse drawn carriages to the introduction of the fangled new "Motor Car"and to today's High tech computer controlled performance vehicles, Skinners has been there for each and every motorist whatever vehicle they own. Today Skinners still offers the same first class service of yesteryear but with the latest technology, support and back up expected of a modern car dealer.

Skinners have had a strong relationship with British motor vehicle manufacturers for over 50 years with great names such as Austin, Wolesley and Triumph gracing our showroom. This culminated in Skinners becoming one of the south east's most successful MG and Rover dealers.

Sadly, in 2005, MG Rover group went into administration leaving thousand of MG and Rover car owners unsure of where to take their vehicles for service and repair work.

Skinners of Rye would like to assure these owners that we will remain an MG Rover specialist with factory trained technicians, factory approved tools and equipment and genuine MG Rover parts. You'll also find our forecourt and showroom stocked with MG and Rover vehicles affirming our confidence and support for these great British Marques.

Aside from MG Rover, we also stock all makes and models of vehicles and if you can't find what your looking for, our all makes national stock location system will help you find exactly what your after.

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