Get you car or commercial vehicle MOT tested from as little as £39.95

In the UK, if your car or van is 3 years old or more then it requires a valid MOT certificate. This ensures your car meets the Governments road safety and environmental standards.

Our fully trained team of technicians are Vehicle & Operator Standards Agency (VOSA) approved and are here to carry out an MOT to make sure that your car is safe and legal to drive.

Our charges for an MOT Test start at an affordable rate of £39.95. That is £14.90 cheaper the current £54.85 price set out by VOSA!

An MOT only takes 1 hour to complete so you can relax in our welcoming reception area whilst your vehicle is being tested.

We cover Class 4 & 7 MOTs

This means we can undertake MOT tests for the following vehicles

  • Cars up to 8 passesngers
  • Motor Caravans
  • Ambulances & Taxis
  • Private passenger vehicles upto and over 16 passenger seats
  • Goods vehicles ( over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg design gross weight)

Contact us via the enquiry form below or alternatively drop by one of our showrooms in Rye for more information.