Why finance through Skinners of Rye?

​Choosing Skinners of Rye to finance your vehicle has many benefits for many different customers. Not only can we offer competitive rates of APR thanks to our partnership with Key Motor Finance and Santander, we also offer you the flexibility to choose a deal that suits your budget. Here are some great reasons to take out a finance plan with us:

You don’t need to purchase the vehicle

If you would prefer to simply hand your vehicle back at the end of an agreement, or like to change cars on a regular basis, you have the option to do so. Our PCP package enables you to enjoy your new model without having to purchase it outright.

Your deposit can be your old car

Rather than having to pay a cash deposit for your new vehicle, you can use the value of your old one as a deposit by part exchanging it. Doing this also saves you the hassle of selling independently.

Your credit score doesn’t have to be perfect

Even if you are struggling to get a personal loan or take out a credit card, you may still be able to obtain a car with one of our finance agreements. Our packages are designed to suit a range of budgets, so simply give us a call to see if we can help.

You’ll benefit from great service

Our friendly sales team is committed to delivering personalised advice and the very best service. Choosing us means the whole process will be hassle-free and your plan will be tailored to your exact needs.

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