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At Skinners of Rye we offer Warranties across our wide range of used vehicles, please enquire now or call us on 01797 223334 to find out more!

When you buy from Skinners of Rye you’ll be buying with complete confidence. The checklist opposite shows what you can expect when you come to a dealership with a 99.7% satisfaction rating on the Good Garage scheme.

And when you reach the bottom of the list, yes, there really are dealers out there who want to charge you to take a test drive, charge you to arrange the sale, and will sell you a car in less-than-pristine condition.

The reason Skinners can give you more is that we have our own nine-ramp service bay, our own body and paint shop and our own four-wheel alignment equipment to make sure everything is just as it should be. We do all this because we want you to come back again and again.

Check out our current stock of 100-plus cars on our website – or tell us what you’re looking for –then come and see us at New Road or Harbour Road for a truly cracking deal!

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Here at Skinners of Rye, we provide excellent warranty across our wide range of vehicles.
Find out more about how to protect your vehicle by filling up the enquiry form or calling 01797 223334 to discuss your requirements.

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